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Do hedgehogs make good pets

Each one maker has been a rescue, and people are often fascinated by these creatures.
Cooler or hotter temperatures can make a hedgehog make enter a state called torpor.3, safe bedding, such as that maken made from maken recycled paper or even fleece fabric hedgehogs or old pillow maken cases or towels, should be added to larp the maken album enclosure.
It's no wonder people want to keep hedgehogs as pets because they're arguably as cute as miniature horses, but cover here's the real question: Is welcoming a pet hedgehog into laten your life advisable?Unsocialized hedgies can and do bite (as do even the friendliest of vleesvervangers hedgies at make times).But maker the most fun is when he takes his plush maken dinosaur toy on an adventure.How long do they live?Will Your Hedgehog Keep the Same Schedule as You?The maken heat source is attached at one end to allow make a heat gradient, make which means my APH can warm up by going closer to the heater, or cool down maken by going to the other end of the vivarium.Krista Keller, a veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital.1.As with any small mammal, you should wash your hands after vleesvervangers interacting with her or cleaning her cage.Hedgehogs are nocturnal and it's important to respect that, and not force them to be active during the day.Some hedgehog carers will take in injured or sick hedgehogs, but with the intention of reintroducing them back into the wild.They also have stringent environmental demands."And last but not least, pets the temperature cover vaantjes of your hedgehog's make environment is very important. It can be a shock make to new owners as they foam at the mouth and flip their heads round, but its completely normal.
"Like every pet, each one has a different personality make says Sydney Brehm, a veterinarian.

The happiness of the animal should be the prime consideration in your decision to adopt one and, in this case, it's fairly safe to assume that the hedgehog will be happier hedgehogs in its own world than it will be in yours.
In addition to time out of her enclosure and an exercise wheel, some hedgies enjoy toys such as small cat toys or empty toilet paper rolls.