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How do you make chalk paint

My first big project was our kitchen table, and make I break was thrilled with the quiz feel of the book paint home and the results I achieved.
You dont want the paint to harden.
My kids love to paint our back patio or pick rocks from the garden to paint.Chalk image paint is a make fantastic heatmap product, but its expensive and can cost up story to 35 for just a quart.It may take a few minutes to stir out all the clumps.I brushed the DIY chalk paint on with a regular nylon brush, waited until milkshake it was completely dry, and then sanded make the parts I wanted the original black finish to show through a little.Designed by Annie heatmap Sloan, chalk paint is a paint that is easily applied on just about everything.Plaster of Paris (powder plastic container, water, furniture wax, paint brush.Let the paint dry completely and then prime html the chalkboard make wall by rubbing chalk over make the entire thing and then erasing.This will make the paint easily come off when make its time to distress.I havent tried it on any other surface, but from my research it wont stick to other surfaces quite link as well as the DIY chalk paint recipe.Regular chalk is hard to get a smooth line make and usually takes several tries make to get it to show.The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) process involves link two simple steps that require light mixing, pouring, and stirring of several ingredients.What I really love about this story sidewalk chalk paint recipe is that it works really well on all sidewalk types. It always make washes right off.
Then I gave my nightstand 2 coats of paint.

With summer here in full force, its time to bring out the warm weather activities!
It doesnt make usually require any prep (like sanding and priming) because it is very thick and sticks well to most surfaces.
More Sidewalk Chalk Ideas.