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How to make a confetti cannon compressed air

And, with some clever positioning, you mezenbollen could maken suddenly appear in inbouwkit the kraamboek mezenbollen midst of a workshop simultaneous confetti blast.
So, what do you need to mezenbollen shoot confetti?
After maken cutting the Extension Tube down to maken about 8 mix up maken the 2-part epoxy (or any epoxy that will hold permanently like JB maastricht Weld).A glow-plug which you can maken get.Attach that to maken one end of the switch.However, shooting maker confetti is quite feasible.Or, look at the other plastic jars that hold pretzels or cheese balls.Have fun, be safe!Copyright m, do you want to have a good time watching a video?Use a stiff knife blade (or even strong scissors) to nip mezenbollen out an inch and maken a half hole near the edge of the jar lid.The only engineering required is cutting a feed hole through the jar lid and securing the jar lid to the blower.(The glow-plug "hot" maken end should be inside the tube).Even outdoors, it will blow up maken a real confetti storm.Now, name for a confetti container, krentenbrood I suggest a large wide-mouth plastic jar.Be sure somebody catches maken your confetti cannon performance on a video.Use one sheet of Flash Paper and ball it up small enough maker to fit in mezenbollen the tower.Run mezenbollen the lamp cord into the box.Electrical Box with cover.Load the Tower with Flame Resistant Confetti.To avoid dumping the jar contents prematurely, make a cotton batting "plug" tied to a string that you can "pull through" the feed hole just before "show time.". Strip the two wires and attach a spade connector to one and after sliding on a small piece of heat shrink tubing, attach a 12-14 gauge Butt Connector (Radio Shack) to the other.