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How to make a line break in html

br/ br/ Another Usage of Line Break html tab.
For example p idp1 break This is a break line.
p would be the html correct code.
For example i have the veriable 't' set to 0 and the first line of the txt doc says "example text html for stuff" but i want a line break between "text" and "for".Sometimes WordPress editor acts weird.I am using it for a long time but still I html face issues with it like inserting lists, line spaces, line breaks, tab etc.But we're using a span on purpose, because of the design.It always feels a little weird to break have to use html to achieve a layout thing.It's not tabular data of course, but that doesn't matter.Then just manually add a line break using this html tag br/.A journey make in break which we say "But." a lot.If you are also facing the same issue that I have mentioned above then follow the below line solution to fix it in your line WordPress post.Paragraph Breaks, all paragraphs have a default display properly of block, so they will line up one on top of the others by default.So I am controlling a test object's text property from an external text file with this code def text import bge from bge import logic path logic.Check preview to make sure the results are as expected.If you are already using this technique then please share your experience with others in the comments section? The break text after the break should be inline/inline-block, because it's going to have a background and padding and such.
The trick line here is to make the span block level, break but then inject the text with a pseudo element make and style it as an inline element.

The span is an inline element.
p The second and the first code produce virtually the same results even though in the first code, Ive created a break using my enter button.
We can force that line break to work make by making white space meaningful.