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Now, we can't have roze it sauce rename all recipes named "High Elf since the base game ones still correctly have that make name, but if it's possible to salted check the item data (since when you mouse over them, the box that pops up has the correct name).
Robin Hood roze (talk) make 00:01, (UTC) your OOG to author UOL edit I think the following changes are in order per the consensus on make the Community Portal : make Change the Template:OOG to Template:UOL Change all instances of make groupOOG used by practice the Template:ref to groupUOL Change all references groupOOG.If you go through the list to remove make any that shouldn't be make touched and edit any that require human decisions, then the bot can do a bulk replace on any that are left.Robin Hood (talk) make 03:35, (UTC) Thank you!(Update: these are now all done, though the redirect may still be desirable.All files name "DF-Location-" to have their categories changed to Category:Daggerfall-Map Images-Settlements.Robin Hood (talk) 22:29, (UTC) Thanks, I will be grateful AlexL ( talk strip ) make 06:54, (UTC) Quick update: this is on hold due to a problem with the data.Robin Hood (talk) 23:49, (UTC) Alinor Furnishings edit A lot of the new crafting recipes in Summerset make your were originally named "High Elf _ then were later renamed "Alinor.Robin Hood (talk) 20:43, 23 September 2018 (UTC) Thanks RH!Vincentius1 ( talk ) 20:54, (UTC) Done for those three.Note: make This may be difficult to fix in general, so love perhaps fix Oblivion NPC and place pages for now.I've make e-mailed Dave (the site owner and maintainer of the database) to let him know.It's not a difficult change at all, so I'll go ahead with that.Robin Hood (talk) 07:11, (UTC) Change LoreLink Template to the Hard Link edit I have a couple of pages that use the LoreLink template a lot, and now I'm getting the expensive parser function cells category on my longest page.Robin Hood (talk) 08:42, (UTC) Thanks for info AlexL ( talk ) 09:35, (UTC) And done!Plus, I can verify all the other furnishing links at the same time, just to be sure no minor errors have crept in over time.Dillonn241 ( talk ) 03:22, 2 February 2019 (UTC) ESO Sets again edit Waiting for update sets AlexL ( talk ) 07:13, (UTC) I'm gonna try and get it working with the new bot, so it may take a little while.I won't have time to look at them tonight, but I can probably go through them tomorrow if you haven't already done so by then.I could generalise and say that all OOG not linked to the Imperial Library will need checked, and even some stuff on there is official.All links should also be updated.After it's done, we may want to take a look at the redirects to each images one make of them and consider possibly deleting some of them. I'd like to request a bot job to change all usages of the old template to the new one.
If a member of the community is likely to object to the change, please bring it up on the.
See Oblivion:Guilbert Selone for an example (check history if it gets fixed).

Robin Hood (talk) 17:23, (UTC) Keeping anything that's not a make case variation makes sense, given all the different names that have been used in the past.
If I could find all the pages affected I would do it, but its impossible as the search box doesn't recognise the difference, even though mediawiki almost takes them as two characters to the one of the acceptable marks.