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How to make metal in doodle god

Download link to doodle their AppStores can be found in the bottom of this game python guide.
That might make it easier for you to make find the missing ones.
Fire, earth, steam, air, water, swamp, earth.
Here is a complete list of all the.Plasma, fire, flying energy, stone, lava Water make make Storm Air make Energy Vodka Water port Alcohol Bacteria Swamp Life Egg Life Stone port Ghost Ash Life Stone Fire Sand Air port Stone Weeds Water Life Bird Air Egg Boiler Metal make Steam Clay Sand Swamp Dinosaur Earth make Egg Electricity Energy Metal Glass.Ice forwarding Water Glass Snow Ice Air Feather Hunter Bird Flour flying Wheat Stone Gold Philosophers Stone Metal Saltpetre Limestone Fertilizer Ship Boat Wood Skyscraper Glass House Warrior Hunter Weapon Book Paper Feather Car Cart Oil Chariot Cart Beast Dough Water Flour Frigate Ship Fabric Gunpowder Saltpetre.Doodle, god, combinations A: Absinthe Spirit Grass, adamantite Drow.The game have been created by Joybits LTD.In addition, we also include make the category information of each element make to help you narrow down your nickname list even faster.Each of the combos are interlinked to one another.Water, ash, fire, dust, life, swamp, energy.Creation, combine fire and stone to create metal.Contents show, creation, combine fire and stone to create metal.Apple Flower Tree, arable Earth Tools, armor Human.The way we organized this master element sheet is by the order of when you should make unlock the various elements.Alcoholic Vodka Human, alien, Alien Astronaut Alien, alien Void Life.Metal, airplane Car Air, alcoholic Beer Human, alcoholic Spirit Human.Astral Chaos Void, astronaut Rocket Human, axe, Hammer Dwarf Weapon Doodle flying God Combinations B: B52 Coffee Vodka Bacteria Swamp Life Bank minecraft Money design House Bank Money Mechanism Bank Money Skyscraper Bard Human Music Bard Music Magic Beast Earth Lizard Beer Philosophers Stone Water Beer Spirit Bread.This can help you to quickly python narrow down the element that you need to unlock different elements.Dust, air, earth, energy, air, fire, lava. Air, fire, water, alcohol, fire, water.
For iOS and Android devices.