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How to make muesli bars

After the maken actions, the basis is requiredEvenly put naaimachine on a zelf baking sheet, which must be pre-veneered with parchment paper.
As for maker the banana, it is desirable to stamppot put it in a deep bowl and mash into enkele a homogeneous maken smoothie without lumps with a fork or tolkushki.
10, cut into bars when cool.
But how is it really going?The maker finished maken product should maker be completely cooled, cut into small bars and presented to naaimachine the table.So, let's consider together how exactly such eigen delicious and useful products are made.It should be noted tips that it is not necessary to withstand maken the ingredients in boiling water for maken too long, since they will become soft and will absorb too much water, make which will complicate the process of zelf dessert formation.Processing of main components, bars of muesli can be made using differentingredients.How to quickly make zelf a dessert with honey?Then a small form for baking is required to cover with parchment paper, bureau evenly put the prepared mixture into it and carefully compact.In addition, it is not necessary to buy maken such a sweet in the store.Bake for 25 minutes, or until golden brown.Bars of muesli should be baked at a temperature of 185 degrees for 16-22 minutes or until ready.To create such a dessert you house need to purchase the following components: oat flakes - 2 faceted glasses; apple green, with sourness - 1 piece; pear soft sweet -.; a large banana ripe - 1 piece; almonds roasted (you can also take peanuts.Bake such a product in the oven is not necessary.Here's the recipe for my amazingly easy and totally delicious breakfast bars, pop which ever flavours.But if you maak really want zelf to get the most vitamins and fiber, then it is better to use this product in its pure form, with the addition of milk.Filled dishes should be placed kraamboek in a preheated oven (up to 165 degrees) and baked for half an hour until golden color is obtained.You also need to sort out the nuts, rinse them in warm water, lightly fry in a frying pan maker (can be in the microwave oven) and pound into a large crumb using a rolling pin maker or a blender with knife attachments.It should also be noted that the home barmuesli will be more satisfying and tasty, if you add to it ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts.After all, the calorie content of this product is 400 power units (and even more!) Per 100 grams. How correctly to serve a cereal dessert to the table?
After mixing all the ingredients, they should be placed on a very weak fire and, stirring constantly, cook until a homogeneous caramel is obtained.
Cooking process, homemade or purchased muesli mixture is necessarynot very finely chopped in a coffee grinder and set aside.