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Make a minion

Roll a small ball of brown fondant and make an even smaller make ball of black fondant to make make make the make pesticide inner eye.
Tip: Wrap make any unused fondant tightly in food wrap and put in a sealable food bag or plastic tub to make prevent it drying out.It was just too small!Finish them off by adding cappuccino the tags fasteners each side.For the make vanilla mexican buttercream: Mix up the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract in your mixer until light and creamy but firm enough to stick to an upturned spoon.Make a small half circle for make the front meringue foam money pocket and using a toothpick make little stitching marks on the pocket and along the top of the trousers.Leave them to dry with the boots.For the eyes: Take the same cutter you used for the middle figures of the goggles, cut lichtenberg out two white circles for the eyes and two yellow circles for the eyelids.Leave them to dry too.Take two round cutters about make 3cm and 2cm in diameter.Like I said pesticide before these make minions are super simple.All pieces stick well through with a tiny bit of water but don't put too much or you will have bitcoin a sticky mess.Using a sharp knife minion cut make two slices half way through the fondant.Again, attaching it with a bit of water. This not only make gives you a smooth surface but traps all the crumbs (thats why its often called a crumb coat) and also another delicious layer to keep the sponge from drying out.
Make two medium organic sized balls of black fondant and attach them to the bottom of the body so the minion can stand on feet!
Next, cut out the middle with the smaller cutter.

For the basic body, make an egg shape with yellow fondant.
Starting at the back minion of your cake, wrap the fondant around it slowly until youre back where you started.
Using blue fondant make two half circle shapes and using a dab of water attach them to the sides near the bottom of the body.