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Make usb otg cable

make usb otg cable

I maken cannon was looking for a maken middle ground.
When youre finished, youll have a cable houten that plugs into your phone on one side and maken accepts a standard USB cable on the geweer other.
You geweer can ensure it acts cannon as such by means of a special sense pin on the zelf micro B connector.
Take a hobby make knife and carefully cut the maken seam and pry back the rubber.Add a Teacher Note to tonic share how you houten incorporated it into your lesson.Once thats done, reassemble the micro B plug and tape or zelf glue it back together to complete your cable.If you removed the wires maken to mod the pins you can solder cooling them back onto the connector tonic and move to the next step.Yes I know these cables can be bought house for cheap but I'm zelf the type who'd rather build my maker own, thanks.Some sellers sold them cheap while hotspot the wait time could be as high maken as 30 days and others sold them for a lot more than what they are worth while the wait time was 2 days.You will need a Micro USB cable (in my case a USB female house port (took one off an old charger a hobby knife, solder cooling and hot glue and about make 30 minutes of your time.This is not a problem half the time.Step 1, first, youll need two donor USB cables one with a female minecraft type A end like youd find maker on a USB extension cable, and one with a male micro B end.Then You can remove the USB micro male connector.Make your own OTG USB cable in four maken simple zelf steps.Cut your two donor cables to expose the red, castle black, white, and green wires within, and strip the insulation off the tips. Simply cut off the male connector, strip and tin the four wires and solder them to the USB female port.
Insulate the soldered joints from each other using shrink tubing, electrical tape, or hot glue.
Read on below to see how.

If set correctly, the Arduino should power.
Be sure to connect the braided shielding as well, which is the uninsulated stranded wire that surrounds the four colored wires.
Fix/solder connections and short pins cable 4 and.