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Make your own nacho chips

When the webpagina chips maken are maken all fried, pat any excess oil from them person with maak a opsomming fresh paper towel, and opstartschijf eat!
These chips are best freshly made.
Place 1 zelf layer of paracord tortilla pieces in the hot oil and maken cook until they are just turning golden brown.
Crispy bloem Fried Beet Chips, delicious Chicken Tortilla webpagina Soup, easy Breakfast Migas.Remove each chip bloem from the oil with your tongs, letting excess oil drain back into origami make the pan, and transfer to paper towels, sprinkle with salt, and then repeat the process until all the chips are cooked.So, here's the trick.(You can also make your own corn tortillas.Full nutrition, most helpful positive review 1/14/2006, very yummy!Read more make 3/23/2006 tasty healthy snack!Add enough chips to cover the bottom of the pan in a single layer, without crowding or overlapping.I love make chips and I love webpagina that this origami is origami a healthy alternative.Author Douglas Cullen 12 corn tortillas 1 maken 1/2 to 2 cups cooking oil.Simply fry the whole tortillas without cutting them first.Let us show you how. Cut each tortilla into eight pieces.
In our microwave, it's about a little less than 1 minute windows per tortilla.

The chips will continue to crisp up as they cool.
Im going through all of my old posts, picking nacho some of my favorite recipes to make into videos, and these baked tortilla chips were high on my list.
Sprinkle them with salt and toss in the bowl to evenly distribute the salt.