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What youtubers make

It wasn't sponsored by the what advertiser.
So I wanted to circle back around to you again and ask: On a curly YouTube video, if offline a person has been paid by a developer, publisher or marketing firm to make the make video, what sort of disclosure storage is make required?
So you say "review" - is it only on something that is classified as a review?
If this is as prevalent as you suggest, pesticide we can do through investigations.It's been several months since, gamasutra investigated the make ethics of paying for YouTuber coverage for video games, and the disclosure that is required in these circumstances make to meet legal requirements.The basics are that the disclosure has to be selling in words that the consumer can understand - it can't just be a url or a link, it has to be in a place where consumers will see.I talked to you several months ago about disclosure, organic but now there's still a lot of confusion tags and uncertainty regarding youtubers exactly how disclosure on YouTube videos needs to happen - I've heard from numerous YouTubers that the biggest YouTube video game networks are advising their.I make don't think we've stated that you need to say the company behind make the product.That would definitely be the best practice.Engle : No, Google doesn't really have make any responsibility, as a platform.There are some big-name YouTubers who specifically state that they are not reviewers, therefore they shouldn't need to disclosure in the same way that reviewers should.Is Google/YouTube legally at fault in any way?But while some YouTubers have taken this on-board, many others have actively ignored the advice, or questioned make whether they really need to provide the disclosure suggested.Is that the case?Has the FTC been talking specifically about YouTubers?It also could be a small mention - it's hardly a review really, but it's an endorsement.People can file a complaint make online at our website.If they're not involved in formatting it, they're just the platform, and they probably wouldn't more have any legal responsibility.So there's a possibility of this sort of independent use, but the thing about it is - if that happened, we could no pursue the advertiser and say "You failed to disclose that this person was paid by you." But really, because of that possibility.I spoke with Mary Engle, associate director for Advertising Practices at the FTC, about what both YouTubers and publishers should be considering. I've talked to YouTubers who have said that since they've started putting disclosure at the start of videos, they've found that there's been a large dropoff of people make watching the video.
Engle : It shows it's material to consumers, huh!
Bonjour, Voici le guide afin de mettre Youtubers Life dans notre chère langue natal.

It could be different if - we've told Google that when it comes to their search engine, they're the ones who format the ads, so they have responsibility there.
If we actually investigate a publisher, we can compel them to tell us and show youtubers us what they're doing.
Engle : They can still complain to us, because if we get enough complaints - I mean, we can't investigate every complaint, because we get hundreds and thousands of complaints - but if we get enough complaints, we can do an investigation.